My beginning

Everything started with them not accepting me into an art school at the age of seven. Oh well, no matter. I loved drawing. The thin lines nearly drew themselves with aquarelle and thin brushes. Later I was experimenting with pencils and sawdust, when I glued them to a lampshade.


Then, I made figures from metal wires. Later on I made my first attempts to draw on silk and love it so much! Later I started doing stained glass and colored glass that one could cut with a diamond and then solder in a special way, so that the pieces would speak one to another or even sing… when the light came from inside through the glass it became magic.


Meanwhile, collecting books with illustrations from every part of the Globe, times and genres.   I devoted myself to studies of art… Next, silly,  long, skinny female figures emerged. They were sometimes like princesses, sometimes like next door neighbors. The dance of my Pilot pen on the paper made their slender figures move along.


Then I discovered fabrics – silk, cotton, wool, buttons made from shells and pearls. I dived into the creation of a clothing line for girls. It was exhibited at “Playtime New York” in 2014. My passion for natural materials resulted in many dresses made out of linen, thin cotton and silk. 

These days, the dresses are already worn by the younger sisters of the girls they were made for.


More recently, I fell in love with jewelry making. 

Here you can meet some of them.


I’ve heard that material values are becoming less important and that in the future, humanity will be happy with a lot less…

I think even then touching the cool surface of a pearl or looking of silk born in Milano is anxiously waiting for its match with another piece from the far East.


Sometimes the idea seems so complicated but it becomes simple when I notice a silver hook shining from my toolkit. And suddenly a mohair ball falling from the shelf, a move I didn’t plan to include in the game, has presented itself to become a part in the play of colors, light and texture.